Twilight? You mean the ELO hit?

Before about six months ago, I had never heard of Twilight.  Now I see it everywhere.  Between Linda Mercury’s analysis on of the archetype of Bella (and actually, her whole series of posts loosely titled “In defense of Twilight, even though I hate it“) and Lucy Knisley’s distillation of each book into four-panel comic strips … Continue reading Twilight? You mean the ELO hit?

My iPhone’s Star Trek SMS tone (a how-to)

UPDATE: This post has been supersceded by “Star Trek SMS tone Redux“ A while back, I set up a Star Trek ringtone and SMS beep on my iPhone. It worked quite well, but not too long after that, I had to reload the iPhone firmware (I believe due to an update from Apple) and lost … Continue reading My iPhone’s Star Trek SMS tone (a how-to)

Star Treking across the J.J.-verse

I saw Star Trek over the weekend. I thought it was a fun, refreshing “reboot” of the Trek franchise. I could get into what I liked and disliked about the movie and its plot, but I’m not a movie review blog, I’d be hard pressed to talk about that without spoilers, and there are plenty … Continue reading Star Treking across the J.J.-verse

Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?

I was listening to Strange Love last week and the topic of Christmas movies came up–specifically, not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies. There was talk of films like Gremlins and Die Hard–both of which took place on Christmas and had strong Christmas themes, but were not in-and-of-themselves Christmas movies. I might add Brazil to the list. I’m having … Continue reading Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?

Four Years

It has been four years since that fateful night were I almost didn’t go alone to the concert of one of my favorite bands. It has been two years since the roadtrip to the coast, by way of the courthouse (followed several months later by a big ol’ party-slash-reception.) They have been wonderful years. Like … Continue reading Four Years


Clothes! The other day, Substitute twittered “Internet + consistent sizing = jeans by mail. Yay.” Usually I buy my pants from the internet (zip-off BDUs from, but yesterday, I picked up a pair of green non-zip-off BDUs from Andy and Bax. In other news, my shirts come from blank apparel, my socks usually come … Continue reading Items!

Dead Men Tell No Tales

So, I guess people throw cremated remains into Pirates of the Caribbean. “A suspicious powder that may or may not have been cremated remains was spotted in the water in the popular attraction, forcing the ride to close briefly Friday afternoon… Crew members get reports up to once a month when witnesses or security cameras … Continue reading Dead Men Tell No Tales


I have not posted in a while, so here are the recent updates in the ever popular (or should that be “boring?”) bullet-point format: * On the plus side, last weekend was a 4-day weekend. On the minus side, it was 4 days because Friday and Monday were taken as sick days. While I can … Continue reading Update