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Less than a week after the Harry Potter Potions Party that Christine and I hosted, I wrote The Inception of the Potions Party, a quick blog-post overview of the party and the inspiration and tinkering that led to us saying “you know, I think this may just work. Not only work, but be super-amazing!”

Today, I’m happy to say that a full overview of the party is ready to be seen at potions.netninja.com, as well as the gritty detail of the design files and production notes at GitHub. The potions website drops you into each of the four main rooms of the party, plus an intro and a “miscellaneous” catch-all for everything else. Some of the areas are not yet as fleshed-out as I’d like, but everything should be there now. More than you ever wanted to know about running an animatronic Harry Potter potions party.

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