Music on the ground

I listen to a good amount of my music “in the cloud.” At first, that meant Pandora. I’ve since dropped that in favor of Rdio, which does the Pandora radio station shuffle thing, but also lets you pick what you want to listen to, on demand. (As an aside, I have no real opinion on … Continue reading Music on the ground

Music for playing intense games of Jenga

This past weekend, I went to a pre-Thanksgiving party. It was a fun event and I met plenty of great people. It was obvious that the two roommates hosting the party had groups of friends with different tastes. Their Venn Diagrams overlapped by only one or two people. One roommate and company were in one … Continue reading Music for playing intense games of Jenga

Brian’s Ten(ish) Songs

At work we’ve been organizing little unofficial fun activities. (And by “we,” I mean a coworker, Helen.) This includes things like Friday lunches out with the whole department (some of us eat out more frequently than that, but even the brown-baggers are now going out with us on Fridays). There is a weekly lunchroom board … Continue reading Brian’s Ten(ish) Songs


Everybody knows that songs can trigger emotional reactions. Do you have any songs that trigger a physical reaction? I do. I really like the song “My Blue Heaven.” A cover of that song wasn’t the sole reason for picking up a Smashing Pumpkins boxed set (the one with the little lunchbox handle) back in the … Continue reading Reactor

In Rainbows

Dear Radiohead, I recently listened to most of the the tracks of your new album via a Rolling Stone article. I really wish I loved your new album enough to buy it, but I don’t. I understand that each Radiohead album is usually very different from all previous, but this time around it just doesn’t … Continue reading In Rainbows

In Rainbows

So, I guess the new Radiohead album is available for preorder. The price? Up to you. That is for the digital download, at least. The checkout has a box in it where you can fill in your own price. There is a fancy box step that includes a vinyl record and an extra CD, but … Continue reading In Rainbows