Portland’s Robotic Goths

Here are two “Portland excels at…” links I have run across in the past week. I lurk on the Portland Industrial Gothic (PIG) mailing list. Actually, “lurk” is an understatement. I subscribe, the messages come into my inbox, and the vast majority of them get moved, unread, to an archive folder. One subject line recently … Continue reading Portland’s Robotic Goths

Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

GOTH Bus. The photo is a little blurry, but every time I see “60TH” on the bus marquee, I see it as “GOTH.” Fake Bologna. Last night we had some soy bologna out as an hors d’oeuvre’s spread amongst cheeses, greek olives, apples, and crackers (actually, digestive biscuits, if you want to get fancy.) The … Continue reading Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

The little things

Little things that feel good: * Performing a lane change on a freeway with those nubbily drive-by-braille bumps where you completely avoid hitting any of those dots. * Coming home to a house that smells of fresh bread, having forgotten that you set up the bread machine hours ago. * Going to a club and … Continue reading The little things

The Mutant Room

Supposedly, I had some bad dreams last night. I remember startling awake a few times, but I do not remember any details. What I DO remember is the excellent and realistic dream I had just before waking up. It was mainly about a place — a club or bar — that my brain insists is … Continue reading The Mutant Room

Decoding Club Fliers

This just came in from the PIG (Portland Industrial Gothic) mailing list I’m on… In case you’ve ever wondered what some of the terms and phrases on Club fliers really mean… “All ages” = as if telling someone’s age in zombie inspired make up and near dark conditions weren’t difficult enough already “All night long” … Continue reading Decoding Club Fliers