#10yearsago, a time-lapse glimpse

There is a #10yearsago meme going around Twitter. Because I am unable to fit my response into 140 characters, you get a blog post.

I was living in California in the aforementioned cottage house. I was a lot more gothic/industrial back then (at least, on the outside; I think I will always be on the inside). I was dating Moocher-Jessica (although that was on the decline and led to the No More Jessica Party after a few more weeks).

At the time, I was working for Alta Vista, and my coworkers and I were a little bit spooked by Y2K. I was secretly hoping for a little bit of meyhem — maybe not on the level of the best Nike commercial ever, but I did have a few hundred dollars in singles on hand just in case the credit cards and banks were broken and I needed exact change for toilet paper, food, or water. I also remember having a lot of candles, camping supplies, and whatnot. I wasn’t quite buy-some-land-in-Montana paranoid, though I knew a few people who were, but did have a bit of “cautious pessimism.”

Ten years ago, today, I was buying booze, snacks, and ice in preparation for the big Y2K party. Dave arrived early for the party. Hours and hours early, as you will see in Act 1.

This is the time-lapse video I set out to make just under 10 years ago. I learned (pieces of) Adobe Premiere in the process. It took me weeks to come up with something semi-decent, but a hard drive crash killed that video. I never got around to recreating it until today. This new video only took 15 minutes of work, and most of that was remembering how to do image sequences in QuickTime and screwing around with titles in iMovie. And yes, Jeremy, there is still that “Leonard Bernstein” bit in this revised video.

Y2K Time-Lapse, 6 images per second, 4m:09s, H.264 MP4 video. It starts a little slow, but gets interesting about 0:50s when the guests start arriving.  Having issues with the embedded player?  Directly download Y2K.m4v, instead.

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