A little girl last night said I…

Last night, I attended a most excellent party. (Thank you, Grace and Micha! I regret that I did not get to say more than a few words to Micha, but there were so many people there and too many interesting and great conversations!) The main focus was as a sort of going-away-to-college shindig, but there was also a birthday, and just general Summer celebration. There were bellydancers, a local band playing acoustic folk-y music, some musicians playing middle-eastern music (with a couple of other musicians jamming along with them), a fire pit, great food and spirits, and all sorts of great people. Overall, a great time!

Anyway, getting back to the subject line of this post, a little girl last night said I looked like a professor from Harry Potter. After a bit more prompting, she narrowed it down to “the one that turns into a werewolf,” but I think she had the name wrong (she said Quirrel, but wasn’t it Lupin that was the werewolf?). She kept insisting I was the werewolf every single time she saw me throughout the evening (which was frequent; cute bordering on annoying, in typical little kid fashion). It’s a good thing it wasn’t a full moon!

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2 thoughts on “A little girl last night said I…”

  1. Ha! I can kinda see it!

    Yes, it was Lupin that was the werewolf. And it was Lupin that she meant – the role is played by David Thewlis. You definitely look more like him than you do Quirrell who was played by Ian Hart.

    Now, depending on whether you want to look like a good guy or a bad guy, this is a good or bad thing 😉

    1. I guess I can kind of see it in retrospect… from the perspective of a little girl, in the dim light of the evening, with how scruffy my hair and facial hair was that evening, and so on. I just seemed so out of left field, I had no idea what to say except “Grrrrrrr!” (with hands up like claws).

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