Charity is the new Patreon

This blog started 15 years ago with little fanfare, a lot of confusion, and entirely too much navel-gazing. It lived on LiveJournal because I wasn’t ready to commit to hosting my own blog, and that’s where all my friends were. Like most LiveJournals of the day, it was almost entirely too much oversharing of what … Continue reading Charity is the new Patreon

Ketchup Post

As I unloaded a bunch of photos to Flickr yesterday, I realized I haven’t posted here in a while. It’s about time for a catch-up post. Election! Yeay! What more can I say that others haven’t already said much more eloquently than I could come up with. The original plan was to go to the … Continue reading Ketchup Post

Heat map of election hackability

The website “dvice” has a nice clickable map of the states and what sort of voting equipment they use–and consequently how prone to hacking and software bugs they all are. Click a state to see what kind of equipment each district uses and a little more detail on the systems. I have to say that … Continue reading Heat map of election hackability