Heat map of election hackability

The website “dvice” has a nice clickable map of the states and what sort of voting equipment they use–and consequently how prone to hacking and software bugs they all are. Click a state to see what kind of equipment each district uses and a little more detail on the systems.


I have to say that I rather like Oregon’s 100%-vote-by-mail system, but they dinged it for things happening out of the public eye. I’m not completely sure how accurate that is because last time I heard, the tallying gets done over in the elections building on… Morrision? Belmont? and that has lots of glass walls that allow the public to see the proceedings, strict handling procedures, and citizen/volunteer oversight of each step in the process. Or maybe that is just for county stuff…?

2 thoughts on “Heat map of election hackability”

  1. I would really like to see all electronic voting done away with. Instituting electronic measures such as bar codes or secure keys to verify uniqueness are more than fine, but flipping a few bits is just too easy.

  2. Proving once again, I live in the greatest state in the union (New York, that is). I really love our lever pulling system. The machines give such a reassuring sound.

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