i made u a cookie but i eated it

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In The Prestige, Nicola Tesla was played by David Bowie. How the eff did I not notice that?!

In other news, I’ve switched from BBEdit to TextMate. BBEdit isn’t even in my dock anymore and only comes up by accident because of file associations. No editor I found on OS X (including those two, SubEthaEdit, and others) had the tab-indents-a-selected-block-of-text feature that I was looking for (well, except Eclipse, but that’s not so much an editor as an IDE that takes 2 minutes to load), but TextMate has all of the features I use in BBEdit, plus some really great tab-completion and plugin functionality and keyboard shortcuts for EVERYTHING. It has a crazy number of keyboard shortcuts which, on the one hand, is a bit overwhelming but on the other means I never have to touch the mouse. There’s also a “universal keyboard shortcut” to bring up a search box of functions/keyboard-shortcuts so that I can learn the right keyboard shortcuts without the mouse. It was written by a Unix hacker, and it really shows. They got my €39. I just need to train my fingers to type “mate blahblah.txt” at a shell prompt instead of “bbedit blahblah.txt”.

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? As lolcats showed us before it disappeared, apparently, all pets speak in a combination of l33t and pidgin English.

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