Recent acquisitions

The Mac Mini hooked up to the TV: upgradinated!
When did memory become so cheap? It came with the factory-stuffed pair of 256MB sticks. Watching MP4 videos with 512MB was passable. Watching those videos while it did anything else in the background (downloading, transcoding, or even with iTunes sitting idle) was ch-ch-ch-choppy. It now has 2GB. Slick.

Fancy-schmancy Esquire magazine: obtainified!
I picked up a copy of the Esquire magazine with the e-Ink cover. Actually, I picked up two because they were much cheaper than I expected. In fact, the $6 cover price is way cheaper than the retail price of the 6 watch batteries contained therein. Even at wholesale prices (we get the same CR2016 batteries by the case at work), it’s a pretty even match. I have no idea how much the e-Ink screens cost, but I’d be willing to bet they’re pretty pricy.

Big Lebowski special-edition-in-a-toy-bowling-ball: shipperiffic!
I do not actually own a copy of The Big Lebowski. *gasp* Yes, I have seen it a half-dozen times, but do not have it. I rectified that last week, but it is still in transit.

Spore: amoebatastic!
I picked up Spore yesterday. I did not get to play it for very long, but it’s looking to be pretty nice. I now have a brain, legs, and lungs. Useful things, yes.

Ice cream: NASA’d!
As an impulse lunchtime dessert, I now have packets of astronaut ice cream. Neapolitan, natch.

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