Farewell, Quicken for Mac

I have been a Quicken user for some time.  I started using it on the PC over a decade ago.  When I switched to the Mac, I started using the Mac version of Quicken.  It was a little clunky but still serviceable.  Since the last version of Quicken for Mac launched (Quicken 2007), all has … Continue reading Farewell, Quicken for Mac

Cha-Ching to Quicken

I have been a user of Cha-Ching since the beta in April. It is a very shiny app for your finances. It is one of the new generation of slick OS X apps (like Delicious Library, Disco, and the rest) and takes a very Web-2.0-ish view of your data with tags and smart folders. It … Continue reading Cha-Ching to Quicken

Top 10 Money Drains

This is my first post using Ecto instead of MarsEdit. I have to say that I am greatly impressed with the Ecto interface. It even has a UI that lets me directly upload images to WordPress instead of having to upload via the web admin interface. It is certainly a more complicated app, but it … Continue reading Top 10 Money Drains