What’s on *your* iPhone?

This is for the benefit of friends with iPhones–to get a feel for what sorts of applications I have installed and how I go about organizing them. Page 1 These are the applications I use all the time and always want handy. They include: PCalc – A nice engineering and programmer’s calculator. When the phone … Continue reading What’s on *your* iPhone?

iPhone location issues no longer an issue

Just to circle back to my post about field-testing the iPhone in Seattle last weekend, it looks like my issues with the location-based services not functioning correctly were Seattle-specific. Everything works as expected here in Portland. I might be pissed if I lived in Seattle or traveled there more (I don’t know if it’s just … Continue reading iPhone location issues no longer an issue

iPhone Geocaching

Something I wanted to mark for future reference (with “future” perhaps being as soon as this weekend): iPhone 101: Geocaching with an iPhone 3G. Be sure to read the comments for a few extra tips that the article missed (for example, you don’t have to manually type in the lat/lon into your phone, the “For … Continue reading iPhone Geocaching

Non-ARG, Bellydance Weekend!

As I’ve lamented in various other places, this weekend was not ARGfest for me (despite conflicting photographic “evidence”.) In fact, until recently, I was expecting to follow it from home and help out where I could with FestQuest puzzles and/or other tasks that might pop up. Unfortunately, Kim’s help at her event this previous weekend … Continue reading Non-ARG, Bellydance Weekend!

iPhone: Day 2

iPhone: Day 2 Good news: this incarnation of the iPhone doesn’t have the angry-bees GSM bzzt-bzzt-bzbzbzbzzt in my car stereo that the previous model of iPhone had. I can actually listen to it in the car without having to flip it in and out of airplane mode! Bad news: my car charger (which I rarely … Continue reading iPhone: Day 2

i has a iPhone

Yesterday, I bussed it down to Pioneer Square and consulted multiple kiosks to locate the Apple Store. I tend to dislike malls and typically frequent the Apple Store near work, so I was unfamiliar with the territory. The line was not zero-length, but also not terribly long-looking, so I queued up for a new phone. … Continue reading i has a iPhone


Does anyone have a good resource (I’ve seen several bad ones, but not a great reference) that explains how to set up a free L2TP/PPTP VPN on a consumer-level OS X workstation? I’m not talking OS X server, because that ships with server out of the box with a nice GUI configuration tool. OS X … Continue reading OS X VPN?

A list of +/- with standard deviation

Earlier this week, I was in a constant cranky mood. This is mainly because of an ill-timed muscle knotting in my neck. I guess I slept funny on Sunday and tweaked those ropy muscles at the base of the skull. Today, I am feeling almost completely better. The real kick in the pants was this … Continue reading A list of +/- with standard deviation

iPhones and iPods

Dear Internet: Stop whining about the iPhone price drop. Yes, it dropped by $200 today, only 67 days after its initial release. Yes, that is $3/day. Yes, that is a rather quick price drop for any piece of popular new technology (the crappy technology that nobody wants is an entirely different matter…) But it’s no … Continue reading iPhones and iPods