Because the world needs the Sherlock moan ringtone…

In the BBC Sherlock episode “A Scandal in Belgravia,” Irene Adler (a.k.a. The Woman) takes Sherlock’s cellphone and sets a custom ringtone for herself — a moan, to be precise.  The ringtone gets used to some effect throughout the episode. And because the world needs more ringtones, I turned it into an iPhone ringtone. There … Continue reading Because the world needs the Sherlock moan ringtone…

Star Trek SMS tone Redux

One of the more popular posts on my site is My iPhone’s Start Trek SMS tone (a how-to).  This delves a bit into the sequence of ssh commands on a jailbroken phone to swap out the default SMS sound with a Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator sound. iOS 5, thankfully, has rendered that post useless. … Continue reading Star Trek SMS tone Redux

A vuvuzela iPhone ringtone. You’re welcome.

Because the world does not yet contain enough vuvuzela, I made an iPhone ringtone of a vuvuzela. You’re welcome. Just download it and drag it into iTunes. The original audio file that I used is from the above-linked Wikipedia article, so if you can think of other uses for the sound clip, go crazy! I, … Continue reading A vuvuzela iPhone ringtone. You’re welcome.

Star Trek iPhone Ringtone

I finally got a little tired of my You Look Nice Today Boop Boop Boop Be-Doop Boop ringtone and decided to try my hand at making one from scratch. Geeks, nerds, and sci-fi readers rejoice at my new Star Trek (old series) communicator ringtone! After all, isn’t the iPhone pretty darn close to the ideal … Continue reading Star Trek iPhone Ringtone

They speak the truth

Youtube houses the self-proclaimed Most Annoying Ringtone Ever and I, for one, would tend to agree with this statement. I have also extracted it as a wav file for easy conversion to the ringtone format of your choosing (e.g. get it on to an iPhone with iToner, convert it to an MP3 for Blackberry, etc.)