The 18th-Century Nip-Slip

We keep getting booklets and postcards in the mail from The Portland Art Museum. They all feature, very prominently, Les Confidences Pastorales on the front: The only thing I can think of when I see this image is “18th Century Nip Slip.” Like a paparazzi painter snuck in and quickly painted an image of the … Continue reading The 18th-Century Nip-Slip

Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

GOTH Bus. The photo is a little blurry, but every time I see “60TH” on the bus marquee, I see it as “GOTH.” Fake Bologna. Last night we had some soy bologna out as an hors d’oeuvre’s spread amongst cheeses, greek olives, apples, and crackers (actually, digestive biscuits, if you want to get fancy.) The … Continue reading Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

G1 is made of grapes

I was in Whole Foods the other night and discovered they had the Google G1 phone! And it was on sale! It was much cheaper than I remember the reported cost being and I did not even have to sign up for a service plan. After bringing it home, I’m starting to wonder if maybe … Continue reading G1 is made of grapes

It’s a trap!

Okay, so I knew Portland can be a little nerdy. We have things like the largest independent bookstore in town, which causes something like the highest percentage of leisure readers in the country. We have things like Free Geek. There’s the Geek Prom. I could go on and on. Heck, I even know someone who … Continue reading It’s a trap!


The vending machine at work confuses me. Water is twice the price of soda. Sure, the Cokes are 12oz and water is 20oz, but it’s water! I can get filtered water for free from the refrigerator. In other news, I went to a site with a cute little CAPTCHA today. Sure, it’s not quite KittenAuth, … Continue reading Sense.

Terminator annoyance

So I have been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and something has been bugging me. If you can only bring flesh (or technology wrapped in flesh) and not straight-up technology through a time portal, then how did that bare terminator head get flung out of the bank vault and into the current-day storyline??? Posted … Continue reading Terminator annoyance

The little things

Little things that feel good: * Performing a lane change on a freeway with those nubbily drive-by-braille bumps where you completely avoid hitting any of those dots. * Coming home to a house that smells of fresh bread, having forgotten that you set up the bread machine hours ago. * Going to a club and … Continue reading The little things