Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

GOTH Bus. The photo is a little blurry, but every time I see “60TH” on the bus marquee, I see it as “GOTH.”


Fake Bologna. Last night we had some soy bologna out as an hors d’oeuvre’s spread amongst cheeses, greek olives, apples, and crackers (actually, digestive biscuits, if you want to get fancy.) The fake-bologna smelled a little nasty and never got touched. It accidentally got left out all night and was so nasty that not even the cats touched it as a midnight snack. I like soy and tofu products, but really dislike when they pretend to be meat.

Digital Television. Earlier in the week, we got the DTV coupons from the FCC for a digital TV converter box. If the government is handing out free money, I may as well take advantage. Sure, a $40 coupon is not quite a billion-dollar bailout, but it’s something. We have a top-of-the-line TV. Well, it was top-of-the-line back when I bought it in the late 80s or early 90s. The 32 inch screen was about as big as you could get without going to projection. It was one of the first with picture-in-picture (which, I believe, got used exactly once–during the Y2K New Years Eve.) It, of course, does not have a digital tuner.

People that know me know that I’m [probably a little too] fond of saying that I don’t have the TV hooked up to any broadcast medium. The Mac Mini goes to the TV and serves as the DVD player and video file player. There’s no cable and not even an antenna. To get this DTV box hooked up, I’d have to get an antenna. That’s pretty low on my priority list. I’m not fond enough of commercial television to want to go out and buy an antenna. So the practical upshot of all this? The converter will probably remain in its cardboard box and collect dust for a few years. But at least I’m ready for the DTV switchover!

Meeses. Yesterday, Ebenezer got a toy mouse that’s a bit more realistic than most other toy mice. While he generally liked it, he really disliked it when I made it ride him like a jockey.

IMG_5314 IMG_5312 IMG_5309

Later in the evening, when Kim let Norman in, we didn’t notice he carried in a little friend. When he was in the corner growling to himself, I didn’t see that he was alone–I figured he was playing with other cats. It was only a little later that I noticed something was a little off. The toy mouse he was carrying did not look familiar–it was not the bright color of most of the other toy mice. It was only after he dropped it, it ran across the living room, and he caught it again that I realized he brought in a real mouse.

WordPress Theme. I’ve been sporting the same WordPress theme since before version v2.6. It still works, but had become a bit crusty in places. For instance, it did not understand the threading that came about in v2.7. I ended up re-implementing it by making CSS tweaks to the default WordPress style. This should mean that I’m about as future-proof as I can be. Hopefully, you won’t notice much difference or any major issues. Like many things, it remains untested under any version of IE. I just do not have the resources or inclination to test against it; my main blog “audience” is friends and family, and they use Firefox and Safari.

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