Terminator annoyance

So I have been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and something has been bugging me. If you can only bring flesh (or technology wrapped in flesh) and not straight-up technology through a time portal, then how did that bare terminator head get flung out of the bank vault and into the current-day storyline???

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4 thoughts on “Terminator annoyance”

  1. Consider the ramifications of having sent an “engineer” into the past to build the portal around which the bank was erected (hehe). Perhaps the engineer improved on certain aspects of the design during his lifetime and communicated those innovations to the future resistance (in this new timeline). Even had he not managed to discover how to transmit inanimate matter, the additional research could have allowed the future resistance scientists to improve further in order to do so. Then the new future they could send the new future him back with new future knowledge that could be further improved in the new past for the new present!

    But then I’m just making shit up. I think I missed this episode.

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