The little things

Little things that feel good: * Performing a lane change on a freeway with those nubbily drive-by-braille bumps where you completely avoid hitting any of those dots. * Coming home to a house that smells of fresh bread, having forgotten that you set up the bread machine hours ago. * Going to a club and … Continue reading The little things

Thanksgiving in January

I feel like I’ve been a complain-o-tron on the blog recently. This bugs me a little because in real life, things are great! There are all kinds of good things going on that I do not really mention (or mention only in passing): * Beautiful house! Beautiful wife! How did I get here? ** Kim … Continue reading Thanksgiving in January

Well, my other house

I just realized that until the end of the month, I can do the David Sedaris bit of “at my house, well, my other house.” As more and more stuff migrates to the other house, the rooms here seem to increasingly resonate their emptiness. With the majority of Kim’s shop already moved, the basement has … Continue reading Well, my other house