Silencing “those” Facebook friends

We all have “those” Facebook friends.  You know — the kind that post a big flowery picture with text splattered across it that is supposed to inspire you, but it really says “I’m too much of a lemming to type anything special or personal here, so I will regurgitate re-share this hostile-to-the-sight-impaired text-image monstrosity.”  We … Continue reading Silencing “those” Facebook friends

Farewell, Facebook

My first website was born in 1995.  Previous to that, I had participated in a few mailing lists and lurked on Usenet, but that was my first public internet presence.  Those were the days before background images, before cascading stylesheets, before, even, the <blink> tag.  Most days, my browser of choice was Lynx — mainly … Continue reading Farewell, Facebook

Linked-In, Facebook

For all of those that have sent me friend-requests (that I probably deleted) and for all of those that just talk about the services a lot (that I have previously ignored), I finally caved in and joined both Facebook and Linked-In. Edit: Posted in: