Generating a 2016 Word Cloud

Over the years, Netninja has shifted from a LiveJournal-era personal blog to a chronicle of DIY maker projects. I thought I’d generate a word cloud for a year-end 2016 post, but realized half-way through that it’d be even better if I were to show my work. But first, the word cloud! This year has been all about design, … Continue reading Generating a 2016 Word Cloud

2013 in review

It’s the end of one year, the beginning of another, the time of Christmas cards and family newsletters. I haven’t typically been into either of those, but this has been a special year — in both good and bad ways. If, somehow, you arrived at a print copy of this blog post, you can find … Continue reading 2013 in review

Netninja: looking back on 2011

Happy 2012 2011 was the year of 3D.  No, not movies, silly glasses, and headaches.  It was the year of MakerBot, Blender, OpenSCAD, and Thingiverse.  In fact, it was the year I had to convert the term “makerbot” from a tag to a full-fledged category here on the blog.  3D printing was a central concept, but … Continue reading Netninja: looking back on 2011

One week with the iPad

Please bear with me as I type this review directly on the iPad — on Pages to be copied into WordPress — while reclining on the sofa. Although I have used it in a number of other ways, my intent right now is to get a good feel for using it in this particular real-life … Continue reading One week with the iPad

The year in review / the year ahead

I was prompted by a meme in The Bruce‘s recent post (which was, in turn, inspired by another post, and so on, as memes are apt to do) to dig through my mail and find the oldest message. On my current machine (a MacBook Air whose home directory had previously been a MacBook Pro, nee … Continue reading The year in review / the year ahead