2013 in review

It’s the end of one year, the beginning of another, the time of Christmas cards and family newsletters. I haven’t typically been into either of those, but this has been a special year — in both good and bad ways. If, somehow, you arrived at a print copy of this blog post, you can find … Continue reading 2013 in review

My 2013 blog-writing month recap

At the start of November, I decided that I would challenge myself to a month of blog posts, similar to my friends and acquaintances participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Well, the month is up and the results are in.

My Weekend With WarTron

It all started a few months ago with a contest/competition from a fictional software company.  Skip back to my post on the application if you need background on that piece of the story.  There is a great amount of worldbuilding and foreshadowing in the application that wove into the weekend quite well.  This is how … Continue reading My Weekend With WarTron