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nanowrimo-crestHello, reader. You may notice that I did not write a single blog post in October. Or maybe you didn’t because it’s been so long since I wrote something and you forgot about me. That’s not because my life was empty and uninteresting. On the contrary — I had quite a few fun and successful projects, a couple that failed in interesting ways to learn from, and all sorts of happenings. I have a backlog of just over a dozen blog posts, some partially written, some outlined, and some with just a topic sentence. I just need to commit those to “to paper.”

In related news, I have a handful of friends and coworkers participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Although I appreciate the idea, I’m not a novel writer and don’t feel the need to participate. BUT I thought I might make up a sort of National Blog Writing Month as a way to loosen up and start writing again. (It turns out that several other folks have come up with the same idea with varying quality of abbreviation: NaBloPoMo, NaBloWriMo, NaNoBlogMo, and so on.)

So here is my goal. I have doubts as to its attainability, but will try my best. I would like to post a blog post of substance every day. That doesn’t mean writing a few sentences or blindly linking to a YouTube video. I’d rather skip a day than write a fluff piece. Exact word count numbers don’t matter to me. I know what a “real” topic is and each takes a varying number of words. Most importantly, I do not want to insult myself or you, reader, by taking up time and attention with junky posts about nothing.

As I said, I have doubts. I don’t think I will be able to write a post a day (or rather post a post a day, as I tend to write them on the weekends and schedule publishing dates throughout the week). But at the end of the month, I’ll count up the number of posts I write, divide that by the number of days (30) and arrive at a percentage. And next year? That gives me a goal to hit.

And this. This is the, as the internet youngins say, FRIST [sic] POST!

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