iPhone location issues no longer an issue

Just to circle back to my post about field-testing the iPhone in Seattle last weekend, it looks like my issues with the location-based services not functioning correctly were Seattle-specific. Everything works as expected here in Portland. I might be pissed if I lived in Seattle or traveled there more (I don’t know if it’s just … Continue reading iPhone location issues no longer an issue

Happy Returns

Dropping off the laptop at the Apple Store earlier this week felt like leaving a kitty at the kennel. There was a certain sense of loss, detachment, and sadness. Farewell, little laptop. They’ll take good care of you while I’m gone. I’ll see you in a few days. Today’s trip to the Apple Store this … Continue reading Happy Returns

MacBook Pro, Dead on Arrival

I took my MacBook Pro in to the Apple Store today.  For some reason, I am always nervous when going anywhere for tech support.  In general, I am a tech-savvy guy who knows exactly what he is talking about.  When dealing with tech support, though, I always go into it feeling like I will be … Continue reading MacBook Pro, Dead on Arrival

Laptop Woes

My laptop currently seems to be f’ed in the a.  It has been behaving a little flaky in the past week or so (perhaps since the latest OS and graphics update.)  I would come back to my desk and notice the screensaver had locked up and the screen had a number of pixels with the … Continue reading Laptop Woes


For those that only look at new posts and new feed items, never going back to look at old posts, my Upcoming.org issues were resolved. It was a memory problem–the squishy grey kind, not the silicon chip kind. Ebenezer’s lack of hair means you can clearly see his expressions and musculature. He makes some really … Continue reading Update