Happy Returns

Dropping off the laptop at the Apple Store earlier this week felt like leaving a kitty at the kennel. There was a certain sense of loss, detachment, and sadness. Farewell, little laptop. They’ll take good care of you while I’m gone. I’ll see you in a few days. Today’s trip to the Apple Store this … Continue reading Happy Returns

MacBook Pro, Dead on Arrival

I took my MacBook Pro in to the Apple Store today.  For some reason, I am always nervous when going anywhere for tech support.  In general, I am a tech-savvy guy who knows exactly what he is talking about.  When dealing with tech support, though, I always go into it feeling like I will be … Continue reading MacBook Pro, Dead on Arrival

Laptop Woes

My laptop currently seems to be f’ed in the a.  It has been behaving a little flaky in the past week or so (perhaps since the latest OS and graphics update.)  I would come back to my desk and notice the screensaver had locked up and the screen had a number of pixels with the … Continue reading Laptop Woes

Leopard Scorecard

Here are the result of installing OS X Leopard: My Laptop – Success MacBook Pro, hardware is a few months old and consequently the installed OS is equally old. I used the “upgrade” install (as opposed to the “archive and replace” install, as I didn’t realize there were two different places in the installer to … Continue reading Leopard Scorecard