For those that only look at new posts and new feed items, never going back to look at old posts, my Upcoming.org issues were resolved. It was a memory problem–the squishy grey kind, not the silicon chip kind.

Ebenezer’s lack of hair means you can clearly see his expressions and musculature. He makes some really great “ew” faces when presented with something that falls in the DO NOT WANT category. This morning I once again got a thought that occasionally arises but I have never blogged about. When he does that typical Halloween-cat stretch with the arched back, the yawn, and the laid-back ears, he looks less like a cat and more like an audio-animatronic caricature of a cat, like the cats in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland–at least, the ones before they modified the ride to make it more like the film (which was originally based on the ride… so, uhhh…..) Maybe those cats are still there. The last time I was at D-Land, Pirates was closed to do the aforementioned refurbishing.

I do not like 25 degrees F. No, sir, I do not like it.

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