Laser-Cut Spell Saga Boxes

The story of Spell Saga, a tabletop novel, is long, twisty, and goes back to 2013. You might say it’s a bit of a… saga. The fancy “zero edition” cards arrived earlier this year, and I figured I do a little something nice to preserve them. I threw them in card sleeves (blue = deck … Continue reading Laser-Cut Spell Saga Boxes

A Laser Cut Index Card Box

About ten years ago — at a Container Store of all places — I found the most amazing little wooden box. It wasn’t fancy or decorative or ornamental. It didn’t have any special features or hidden compartments. It was a simple flip-top wooden box, described as “a recipe box.” At the time, I lived my … Continue reading A Laser Cut Index Card Box

Print your own Super Mario question box (or your own pixel art design)

It’s the question-mark box from Super Mario Brothers! 3D print it then put your coins in it! Hide a mushroom or fireball (the candy of that name, obviously) in it!

My last cable box had pushbuttons

Today a couple of different people at work commented on the screensaver I currently use. It is xanalogtv from the xscreensaver package. It simulates switching channels on an old boxy rotary-channel-selector television, complete with snow, image ghosting, wiggly vertical sync, and all of that. The author of this screensaver put in an impressive amount of … Continue reading My last cable box had pushbuttons

In which I move an object in to and out of dreams

I distinctly remember waking up this morning with three dreams I wanted to record. As I consult my mental notes, I can only come up with two. These are they… ✻ ✼ ✻ Before I can start in on my first dream, I have to describe a particular pillow I own. It is very unique … Continue reading In which I move an object in to and out of dreams

Happy Returns

Dropping off the laptop at the Apple Store earlier this week felt like leaving a kitty at the kennel. There was a certain sense of loss, detachment, and sadness. Farewell, little laptop. They’ll take good care of you while I’m gone. I’ll see you in a few days. Today’s trip to the Apple Store this … Continue reading Happy Returns