Yes, I can has cheezburger

I like to poke fun at Etsy. It seems that for every one reasonable product, there are thousands of crafty products that are a little too “craft.” These include items made with popsicle sticks, puffy paint, shrinky-dinks, rhinestones, and assorted garbage.  I am also a big fan of Regretsy for this reason.  Until recently, I … Continue reading Yes, I can has cheezburger

My life, the bad sitcom

Kim: Did the timer go off? Me: I didn’t hear it. Kim: You didn’t hear it? Timer: *brrrrrring* Me: The timer went off. In other news, Ebenezer — the nekkid cat — has reaffirmed some of his quirks. He is the only cat I know that is indifferent toward catnip, yet loves bleach. Kim is … Continue reading My life, the bad sitcom