Norman the Terminator

Exhibit A: Ebenezer in the “Terminate Yourself” promotion earlier this year Exhibit B: Norman with his terminator haircut A big chunk of Norman’s head has been shaved clean. As best as I can tell, he got in a cat fight, but the wound got infected and abscessed, so the vet cleaned things up. In the … Continue reading Norman the Terminator

Two in the bush

Something a little bit surprising happened last weekend that I briefly twittered about, but never got around to writing down. Kim was finishing up some gardening in the front yard and Norman the cat was jumping through the grass, digging in the dirt, and just being an energetic outdoor kitty. After I got my stuff … Continue reading Two in the bush

In which Norman is confused & annoyed by deep snow

Norman, our newish kitty–the stray one we adopted–is only about two years old. This means two things. First, he is crazy-full of energy. Second, he is not really old enough to remember much snow in Portland. Last year it snowed a tiny bit on Christmas, but nothing like the snowpocalypse we have been getting this … Continue reading In which Norman is confused & annoyed by deep snow

The food chain in action

“There is a mouse-width trough through my loaf of bread. I think our cats are defective.” -me, 2008-10-07 It now appears that we have a pair of mousers. Last weekend, Kim discovered that Norman caught a mouse in the back yard. I don’t find the video disturbing–if I hadn’t known it was a real mouse, … Continue reading The food chain in action

The Disappearing Cat

As I’m always happy to say, I live in a house that celebrated its hundred year birthday this year. As such, there are some weird architecture bits. You may have also heard me mention Norman, the kitty who routinely hangs from windows, sits on the OUTSIDE of the windowsills, and whatnot. These two points intersect … Continue reading The Disappearing Cat

Recap of the past month

Dear blogosphere: I have not been reading your blogs much in the past few weeks. Dear twitterverse: I have not been keeping up with your tweets much, if at all, in the past few weeks. Work has been pretty busy the past few weeks. We have an end-of-the-month deadline that, fortunately, is not one of … Continue reading Recap of the past month


Last weekend, this is where I biked to. There were people making out, people in a far-off drum circle, a crazy old lady with a harmonica, a pair of young Italian guys playing bocce ball, and lots of people walking their dogs. The reservoir has funny little processing buildings that look like a combination between … Continue reading Photoblogtastico!