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Life has been busy the last couple of months and my lack of posts on this blog reinforces that.  In early January, I got a MakerBot, which has been a bit of a DIY adventure — the sort of adventure that’s maybe not so fun and a little scary in places, but with time and distance, you look back upon it and laugh.  Actually, things are pretty good on the MakerBot front and I expect to have a more detailed post on that in the not-too-distant future.

The MakerBot has kept me busy (assembling, printing, fixing, modeling).  There were a couple of modern works of fiction that hooked me and ate up a bunch of spare time (The Machine of Death and The Girl Who Played With Fire) as well as some nonfiction for work and fun.  Work has kept me busy, too.  All this added up to a perceived lack of time for blog posts.  I think I really did have the time, just no motivation.

I have good ideas for the next few posts percolating, but until then I leave you with what is probably the easiest post possible to produce: freaky pictures of my cat.

(also as a video)

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