Can’t work; cats will climb me

In offloading some photos to Aperture and Flickr, I ran across this one from the other week. When doing work at home, it is usually on the laptop on the sofa or easy chair in the front room. With the ergonomic kneely chair at my desk, my back is exposed enough to allow Ebenezer to climb up it and perch on my shoulder like a parrot. He then either watches the mouse cursor move around the screen or searches for a higher perch to jump to. It can be pretty distracting and he can get heavy and/or wiggly.

Trying to work 2

See also: shoulder perching in the kitchen…

Short Hair, In Kitchen, With Ebenezer

(This entry is mainly an excuse to post more photos of myself with short hair. I have amazingly few short-hair photos. It is still a new and novel thing, and I am trying to make the most of it.)

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