Ebenezer, 2003–2013

Ebenezer, a.k.a. Fidget, a.k.a. Hypercat, son of Ted E. Bare and American Beauty, passed away on Saturday. He had been qui­etly bat­tling heart dis­ease his entire life, occa­sion­ally seen as strong heart mur­murs, but offi­cially diag­nosed about 6 months ago as an enlarged heart.

My Pet Bat

Life has been busy the last cou­ple of months and my lack of posts on this blog rein­forces that.  In early January, I got a MakerBot, which has been a bit of a DIY adven­ture — the sort of adven­ture that’s maybe not so fun and a lit­tle scary in places, but with time and dis­tance, you look back upon … Continue read­ing My Pet Bat

Norman the Terminator

Exhibit A: Ebenezer in the “Terminate Yourself” pro­mo­tion ear­lier this year Exhibit B: Norman with his ter­mi­na­tor hair­cut A big chunk of Norman’s head has been shaved clean. As best as I can tell, he got in a cat fight, but the wound got infected and abscessed, so the vet cleaned things up. In the process, he … Continue read­ing Norman the Terminator

Two in the bush

Something a lit­tle bit sur­pris­ing hap­pened last week­end that I briefly twit­tered about, but never got around to writ­ing down. Kim was fin­ish­ing up some gar­den­ing in the front yard and Norman the cat was jump­ing through the grass, dig­ging in the dirt, and just being an ener­getic out­door kitty. After I got my stuff put away and … Continue read­ing Two in the bush

Photo dump: mystery switch, window perch, bathroom, sun

When my main machine was the 17″ lap­top, I had a great sys­tem for pulling pic­tures directly from my cam­era, almost imme­di­ately after tak­ing them, then push­ing them to Flickr with FlickrExport for Aperture. The new (well, not ter­ri­bly new now) MacBook Air does not meet the sys­tem require­ments for Aperture (I got the low end one), … Continue read­ing Photo dump: mys­tery switch, win­dow perch, bath­room, sun

Can’t work; cats will climb me

In offload­ing some pho­tos to Aperture and Flickr, I ran across this one from the other week. When doing work at home, it is usu­ally on the lap­top on the sofa or easy chair in the front room. With the ergonomic kneely chair at my desk, my back is exposed enough to allow Ebenezer to climb … Continue read­ing Can’t work; cats will climb me

Ebenezer’s Snow Failure

Ebenezer’s pre­vi­ous day in the snow, back in 2005, was fun but unevent­ful. He went out in the snow, which was only a cen­time­ter or two deep, wan­dered around, then returned. This year, he almost did not make it out the door. Even with the sweater, he was cold and a bit unnerved by the depth of … Continue read­ing Ebenezer’s Snow Failure

My life, the bad sitcom

Kim: Did the timer go off? Me: I didn’t hear it. Kim: You didn’t hear it? Timer: *brrrrrring* Me: The timer went off. In other news, Ebenezer — the nekkid cat — has reaf­firmed some of his quirks. He is the only cat I know that is indif­fer­ent toward cat­nip, yet loves bleach. Kim is mop­ping the … Continue read­ing My life, the bad sit­com


Last week­end, this is where I biked to. There were peo­ple mak­ing out, peo­ple in a far-off drum cir­cle, a crazy old lady with a har­mon­ica, a pair of young Italian guys play­ing bocce ball, and lots of peo­ple walk­ing their dogs. The reser­voir has funny lit­tle pro­cess­ing build­ings that look like a com­bi­na­tion between a cas­tle and a pirate ship. And this … Continue read­ing Photoblogtastico!