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The Daily Show on iTunes

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Hmmm.... it would appear that you can now sub­scribe to The Daily Show on the iTunes video store. It's prob­a­bly eas­ier and less buggy than the whole RSS+Torrent thing I tried a while back, but I am not sure I quite care that much about the Daily Show or even have the time to watch that much of it. I barely have the time to watch my three down­loaded shows (Lost, Monk, and My Name Is Earl.) This will prob­a­bly be flame induc­ing, but I could never get into Battlestar Galactica — never cared about the char­ac­ters and the blonde, big-breasted femme-bot was a lit­tle too stereo­typ­i­cal to over­look. I lost inter­est in 24 a few episodes ago. I loved Alias, but stopped watch­ing when it took a fly­ing som­er­sault over the shark a sea­son or two ago. I liked Buffy and Angel when they were on, but alas, they are no more.

Anyway, I ran off on a tan­gent there. The main point of the post is that The Daily Show is down­load­able via iTunes now.

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Mostly TV stuff...

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Mmmm... big, juicy heel blis­ters make walk­ing fun and excit­ing! Going back to CitizenX's mole­skin ref­er­ence from the other day (was that the blank book or the cloth?), does mole­skin work on blis­ters after the fact?

In down­loaded tele­vi­sion news.... there are only a few shows I watch (all done via BitTorrent) and I missed out on a month or two of a cou­ple of them, so here are my cur­rent thoughts:

LOST — Friggin' awe­some. The sea­son finale (I assume it is okay to talk about it with­out warn­ing of spoil­ers because every­one who cares will have seen it) was great and showed us the mon­ster with­out show­ing us the mon­ster. I peeked in on a LOST mes­sage board and have to agree with the spec­u­la­tion that it is com­posed of nanites. It just fits a lit­tle too well, with the smoke, the strength, and the decid­edly non-animal, non-otherworldly, but mechan­i­cal sound effects. For all we know, the hatch goes down to a secret gov­ern­ment research lab where they are being researched. What was the deal with those pirate-types? They were on a motor­ized small boat, mean­ing that either a larger boat must be nearby or it docks at a nearby piece of land (the island?) that can sup­ply it with fuel. This lit­tle piece of con­ti­nu­ity can be eas­ily waived if the whole place existed as a dream, a pur­ga­tory, an after­life, a shared hal­lu­ci­na­tion, a vir­tual real­ity, or some other place not of this world.

Doctor Who 2005 — In my opin­ion, the pilot was a lit­tle weak, but the series def­i­nitely picked up. I was a bit hes­i­tant about the new Doctor at first, but have grown to really like him and Rose. Like the other doc­tors, he exhibits some won­der­ful boy­ish glee at the lit­tlest things. Unlike the other doc­tors, he has a bit of a brood­ing mean streak that some­times pops out, which makes for some great char­ac­ter devel­op­ment. One of my favorite moments was when peo­ple were gath­ered in a space sta­tion to watch the end of the world (in which the sun expands to envelop the Earth) and they bring out some old Earth artifacts–one of which was an old 50's juke­box. “I am told that this was called an Eye Pod.”

24 — It started out great, got a lit­tle slow, then seems to have picked up again. I fail to see how The Nuclear Football is either nuclear or football-like. It seems to be an over­sized leather brief­case with elec­tronic lock filled with some binders. I have not yet caught up with all of the sea­son. My opin­ion: meh...

Alias — To say this jumped the shark is an under­state­ment. It did an Evil Kenevil fly­ing motor­cy­cle leap over a line of one hun­dred sharks. I do have to admit that I have not yet seen all of this sea­son. The return of the Rambaldi plot­line as well as the intro­duc­tion of Joel Grey as ...err.... an Evil Sloane Clone?... has cer­tainly piqued my inter­est.

That is about it for tele­vi­sion, I am afraid. I did man­age to down­load, for bet­ter or for worse, the whole car­toon Dungeons and Dragons series from back in the 80's. I am not sure if I want to watch it, though, as I can imag­ine my fond mem­o­ries of it might shat­ter if I watch it as an adult and real­ize how crappy it really might be.

And now, if you will excuse me, I must remove a sweaty cat from my head.

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Ick. I just got home from a long day of finger-pointing. Ahhh...the naïve irony of the 20Q device. When think­ing of “the President of the United States of America” it had to guess:

  • Is it dan­ger­ous?”
  • Is it some­thing that can be pur­chased?”
  • Does it help accom­plish tasks?”

I fin­ished Carnivàle and started the first episode of the next sea­son of 24. Holy, the crap, I for­got how addict­ing this show is. I may have to skip work and watch this straight through the night until 8pm tomor­row. Well, I guess tech­ni­cally, it is not real­time on DVD. Each episode is not quite an hour because they chop out time for com­mer­cials. I can­not imag­ine how aggra­vat­ing this would be, being forced to watch it a sin­gle hour per week instead of back-to-back. It is a lit­tle bit odd to see the new prin­ci­pal from Buffy VII as the president’s aid (brother?). My mind can­not quite wrap itself around the con­text switch yet.

Oh, a dream from a cou­ple of nights ago: a num­ber of peo­ple were gath­ered to watch some kind of Marx Brothers per­for­mance. I know sev­eral of those peo­ple were friends, but I only remem­ber Kim, specif­i­cally. Some vehi­cles that were sort of buses, but more like trol­ley cars with­out tracks, drove onto the scene. A num­ber of peo­ple wear­ing old police (“Bobby”) uni­forms were rid­ing them and hopped out–the whole thing was like an old silent Keystone Cops film. I then notice Larry, Moe, Curly, and some oth­ers (Shemp?) on the trol­ley, and every­one starts cheer­ing for them. Apparently, every­one else believes they are the Marx Brothers. Moe looks like he is at least 70 years old, but with dyed black hair. He also has some kind of leg brace and cane. Nobody seems to real­ize these are the Three Stooges.

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Pushing Is The Answer

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The other day, I was sit­ting at the office com­puter, and I hear a noise. It was a vague rip­ping noise. Ripping? Huh? I look behind the Mac desk and dis­cover that The Precious has dis­cov­ered a bun­dle of mul­ti­color vel­cro wire ties. Where did she find THAT??? Well, she has her fun with them–batting them around, then doing the “dis­em­bowel” thing by latch­ing on with front paws and teeth and going crazy with the back paw attack. Eventually, they were left in the cen­ter of the floor. An hour later, Pants comes along and notices them, and COMPLETELY PSYCHES HERSELF OUT! She slowly cir­cles them, con­stantly keep­ing about a half meter dis­tance. She would creep for­ward for a bit, then back to her safe zone. This went on for two or three min­utes. Finally, she got up the nerve to get a lit­tle closer and even­tu­ally bat at them. Unfortunately, because of the size and strange shape of the wad of vel­cro strips, she hit it at a bad angle–and they flipped the wrong way and jumped back at her! She flew about a meter straight up, then across the room.

The legal episode of the Clerks car­toon with Judge Reinhold as judge has GOT to be the most sur­real tripfest ever.

According to Kate, The Precious is a.k.a Spazmobile. She has to be the most clumsy, yet ener­getic, cat known to god or man. They are now chas­ing each other around the room, occa­sion­ally tak­ing a break to sit on top of the TV and attack the screen (they have never seen a tele­vi­sion in use before–it has always been an inert piece of fur­ni­ture).

Only about 6 hours left in the “24,” sea­son 2 DVDs.

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You’ve taken everyone else’s cheese.”

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Today, my Amazon Gold Box con­tains:

  • Baby Shark Muscle Vest [toy]
  • A cheap juicer (not a fancy $100 one like I was com­plain­ing about in a pre­vi­ous post). Maybe some­one was lis­ten­ing, except I already have a cheap plas­tic juicer.
  • An “empire-green” 50’s style elec­tric mixer.
  • Several DVDs I already have (James Bond, Usual Suspects)

Today, in between coughs, snif­fles, and sneezes, Kate and I fin­ished Star Trek: The Next Generation, sea­son 6. Yesterday, we fin­ished 24. I get a loaner car tomor­row morn­ing. I feel like poo. I man­aged to get 98% of my Christmas shop­ping com­pleted in the last 12 hours (the remain­der basi­cally con­sists of walk­ing to Diedrich’s from work and get­ting a few more bags o’ beans). It turns out that a cou­ple of my ideas for awe­some gifts for spe­cific peo­ple had to change because cer­tain things ended up get­ting sold out since I was last able to drive (I took Kate’s car today), but I man­aged to come up with some pretty good alter­na­tives. Over and out.

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All walk and no car make Brian something-something

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I have a feel­ing that a con­spir­acy is going on. I am sure this has noth­ing to do with the fact that I have been watch­ing the tele­vi­sion series “24” almost non­stop for the past two days (allow­ing time to pause for work, sleep, and other friv­o­li­ties). Fixing the trans­mis­sion on my car should have taken about 3 days, or so I was told. It has now been two weeks. The two weeks, though, has been a con­stant “it will be ready tomor­row.” Had I known this up front, I would have rented a car. I would not have been “hey, [insert friend's name], can I have a ride to work tomor­row? Can you take me to the store? Can we go grab some lunch? It's just for today.” I feel like I am tak­ing advan­tage of friends for rides because I am always telling them “It's just for today and tomor­row morn­ing. I'll get my car tomor­row after­noon.” I can­not say HOW MANY time I have repeated that last quote.

Anyway, I keep get­ting more and more crazy excuses. “The other parts were in L.A., but there was one part in Atlanta that needs to be shipped.” “The ship­ping was delayed because of the rain.” “We took it apart and were going to put it together, but one of the replace­ment parts was changed this year, so we need to order a spe­cial new tool to work on it.” I get the feel­ing that a trash truck acci­den­tally dropped a dump­ster on my car and that they are scram­bling around, work­ing day and night, try­ing to cob­ble together a replace­ment car using enough of the parts from the orig­i­nal, so as not to make me too sus­pi­cious. I know it sounds crazy, but I can men­tally see them remov­ing the seats (with the leather worn an irre­pro­ducible way from my phone hol­ster belt, and knife) from the old car, and insert­ing them into the new. This is the ONE CAR that I have not almost com­pletely rewired for my own sub­ver­sive needs, so I am not inti­mately famil­iar with what it looks like behind the dash­board and under the hood.

It is about now that I wish I had that '02 Harley Sportster 883C that I was look­ing at ear­lier this year.

To add insult to injury, I was sup­posed to start Christmas shop­ping 2 weeks ago. It was all sup­posed to be done by now. Because of trans­porta­tion issues, very lit­tle of it has been com­pleted.

I am cur­rently lis­ten­ing to “The Physics of Christmas,” down­loaded from audible.com. If you got the geeky email that was passed around a few years ago about the ther­mo­dy­nam­ics of Santa and the rein­deer run­ning around try­ing to hit every house in an evening at super­sonic speeds, this book is basi­cally that., only very detailed, greatly researched, and (when read aloud) 8 hours long. The cur­rent chap­ter is about Brussels sprouts, English chil­dren, and the fact that they typ­i­cally only get the proper amount of veg­gies once a year (at Christmas). In fact, a num­ber of peo­ple over there have can­cer that could have eas­ily been pre­vented by eat­ing vegetables–not eat­ing MORE veg­eta­bles, but sim­ple eat­ing ANY veg­eta­bles! Anyway, they are talk­ing about how chil­dren are more sen­si­tive to the tastes of things like broc­coli and Brussels sprouts because they are more sen­si­tive to the “tox­ins” that cause the fla­vor (which are toxic to bugs, but sup­pos­edly have a lit­tle bit of ben­e­fit to humans.) It would seem that 25% of peo­ple, mostly women, are super­tasters (much more sen­si­tive to taste), 25% are non­tasters, and the remain­ing 50% are normal-tasters. This reminds me of the They Might Be Giants song, “John Lee, Supertaster.” I thought they just made that up. There really *IS* such a thing as a super­taster!

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Bibbidy Bobbity Poo

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Meta_kate and I went to see Lord of the Rings last night. Summary: it was good, but not as good as the first. That was prob­a­bly to be expected, con­sid­er­ing it is “Act 2″ of a show in 3 acts. The char­ac­ter intro­duc­tions and com­pli­ca­tions are com­plete. The denoue­ment has not yet arrived. It's the mid­dle. Nothing super-exciting hap­pens in the mid­dle except for a lot of epic CGI bat­tle scenes and Orcs rid­ing wolves that looked more like non-green He-Man Battlecats.

Kate got slammed in the face with a beach ball before the show. It made part of her face swell up a lit­tle and came close to break­ing her new glasses. I remem­ber when beach balls in the­aters were fun, but I guess it depends on the crowd and the time. At a mid­night show­ing of “Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival” or Rocky, the the­ater is pop­u­lated by some pretty geeky people–people who are not so great at sports and were prob­a­bly slammed in the face by a volley-ball at some point in time. At the 8pm show­ing of LOTR on open­ing night in Newport Beach, there seemed to be a much higher turnout of bro's and jocks than I would have expected. This caused a lot of beach balls to be jump-set-SPIKEd directly into the faces of other audi­ence mem­bers. It kind of sucked.

A New Yawkah in the row behind us said that the mean-spirited beach ball action, and I quote, “shows a lack of dis­re­spect.” In other annoy­ing quote news, I was in a meet­ing with the big tech­ni­cal guy behind RosettaNet (the buzz­word in business-to-business trans­ac­tions and such today). He's the main guy behind some pretty intense and prof­itable tech­nol­ogy. Every other sen­tence seemed to con­tain the word “alls.” “Alls we need to do is this....”

My car was sup­posed to be ready yes­ter­day after­noon because the rain inter­fered with ship­ping a part of Atlanta?! It was sup­posed to be ready tonight because they were run­ning a lit­tle late. It is sup­posed to be ready tomor­row morn­ing because its tak­ing longer than they expected.

I dropped my emu­sic sub­scrip­tion because my special-They-Might-Be-Giants-year-long con­tract thingey expired much ear­lier in the year. After some demos, I decided to sign up for audible.com. Instead of music, Audible basi­cally has the entire cat­a­log of Random House (and other) audio­books online. It also has a bunch of peri­od­i­cals. The down­side is that it encodes files in a pro­pri­etary Digital Rights Management for­mat. (Why is it that when they use terms like that they always mean the exact oppo­site? I mean, really, it is Digital Restriction Management.) The plus side is that you can take this pro­pri­etary for­mat and dump it onto a plain-Jane audio CD. Converting this CD back into a stan­dard MP3 is an exer­cise left for the reader. Sure, there is a lit­tle extra work to do and I go through a few more CD's than usual, but I get an online audio­book of my choos­ing each month for free (book of the month club, any­one?), an audio peri­od­i­cal for free, and online audio­books at a dis­count. In case you have not already fig­ured out, I really enjoy audio­books. I have found that I also really like audio peri­od­i­cals. I used to be sub­scribed to a large num­ber of mag­a­zines (Science Weekly, MIT Technology Review, etc.) but dis­cov­ered after the first month or so that I no longer had the time to read them. With the audio, I can lis­ten at work (which I can­not really do with a mag­a­zine with­out get­ting in trou­ble). The whole thing inte­grates pretty darn well with iTunes and the iPod, too. On the PC you sup­pos­edly need a spe­cial funky player thingey to get the whole thing to work.

Kate and I started watch­ing the TV series “24” on DVD. It is kind of nifty to see they are using Macs and Handsprings. In fact, they are using actual Handspring soft­ware (SplashPhoto to view satel­lite maps out in the field). I am just won­der­ing if any money changed hands for that prod­uct place­ment, since you could only see the SplashPhoto logo for a split sec­ond. The multi window/screen 70's style tran­si­tion effects are a lit­tle annoy­ing, but the real-time film­ing and modern-day-spy-like con­cepts are wicked-cool. I mean, that whole explod­ing jet para­chute thing was wicked-cool. Hiding secure doc­u­ments in the unused por­tion of dig­i­tal key­cards, the very same key­cards that get you in and out of secure zones, is wicked-cool. (Of course, you would have to fig­ure out how to get the card writer into the secure area to begin with, but that's beside the point.) Spy shit is cool!

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