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Hmmm…. it would appear that you can now subscribe to The Daily Show on the iTunes video store. It's probably easier and less buggy than the whole RSS+Torrent thing I tried a while back, but I am not sure I quite care that much about the Daily Show or even have the time to watch that much of it. I barely have the time to watch my three downloaded shows (Lost, Monk, and My Name Is Earl.) This will probably be flame inducing, but I could never get into Battlestar Galactica — never cared about the characters and the blonde, big-breasted femme-bot was a little too stereotypical to overlook. I lost interest in 24 a few episodes ago. I loved Alias, but stopped watching when it took a flying somersault over the shark a season or two ago. I liked Buffy and Angel when they were on, but alas, they are no more.

Anyway, I ran off on a tangent there. The main point of the post is that The Daily Show is downloadable via iTunes now.

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