“You’ve taken everyone else’s cheese.”

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Today, my Amazon Gold Box contains:

  • Baby Shark Muscle Vest [toy]
  • A cheap juicer (not a fancy $100 one like I was complaining about in a previous post). Maybe someone was listening, except I already have a cheap plastic juicer.
  • An “empire-green” 50’s style electric mixer.
  • Several DVDs I already have (James Bond, Usual Suspects)

Today, in between coughs, sniffles, and sneezes, Kate and I finished Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 6. Yesterday, we finished 24. I get a loaner car tomorrow morning. I feel like poo. I managed to get 98% of my Christmas shopping completed in the last 12 hours (the remainder basically consists of walking to Diedrich’s from work and getting a few more bags o’ beans). It turns out that a couple of my ideas for awesome gifts for specific people had to change because certain things ended up getting sold out since I was last able to drive (I took Kate’s car today), but I managed to come up with some pretty good alternatives. Over and out.

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