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The other day, I was sitting at the office computer, and I hear a noise. It was a vague ripping noise. Ripping? Huh? I look behind the Mac desk and discover that The Precious has discovered a bundle of multicolor velcro wire ties. Where did she find THAT??? Well, she has her fun with them–batting them around, then doing the “disembowel” thing by latching on with front paws and teeth and going crazy with the back paw attack. Eventually, they were left in the center of the floor. An hour later, Pants comes along and notices them, and COMPLETELY PSYCHES HERSELF OUT! She slowly circles them, constantly keeping about a half meter distance. She would creep forward for a bit, then back to her safe zone. This went on for two or three minutes. Finally, she got up the nerve to get a little closer and eventually bat at them. Unfortunately, because of the size and strange shape of the wad of velcro strips, she hit it at a bad angle–and they flipped the wrong way and jumped back at her! She flew about a meter straight up, then across the room.

The legal episode of the Clerks cartoon with Judge Reinhold as judge has GOT to be the most surreal tripfest ever.

According to Kate, The Precious is a.k.a Spazmobile. She has to be the most clumsy, yet energetic, cat known to god or man. They are now chasing each other around the room, occasionally taking a break to sit on top of the TV and attack the screen (they have never seen a television in use before–it has always been an inert piece of furniture).

Only about 6 hours left in the “24,” season 2 DVDs.

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