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Ick. I just got home from a long day of finger-pointing. Ahhh…the naïve irony of the 20Q device. When thinking of “the President of the United States of America” it had to guess:

  • “Is it dangerous?”
  • “Is it something that can be purchased?”
  • “Does it help accomplish tasks?”

I finished Carnivàle and started the first episode of the next season of 24. Holy, the crap, I forgot how addicting this show is. I may have to skip work and watch this straight through the night until 8pm tomorrow. Well, I guess technically, it is not realtime on DVD. Each episode is not quite an hour because they chop out time for commercials. I cannot imagine how aggravating this would be, being forced to watch it a single hour per week instead of back-to-back. It is a little bit odd to see the new principal from Buffy VII as the president’s aid (brother?). My mind cannot quite wrap itself around the context switch yet.

Oh, a dream from a couple of nights ago: a number of people were gathered to watch some kind of Marx Brothers performance. I know several of those people were friends, but I only remember Kim, specifically. Some vehicles that were sort of buses, but more like trolley cars without tracks, drove onto the scene. A number of people wearing old police (“Bobby”) uniforms were riding them and hopped out–the whole thing was like an old silent Keystone Cops film. I then notice Larry, Moe, Curly, and some others (Shemp?) on the trolley, and everyone starts cheering for them. Apparently, everyone else believes they are the Marx Brothers. Moe looks like he is at least 70 years old, but with dyed black hair. He also has some kind of leg brace and cane. Nobody seems to realize these are the Three Stooges.

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