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Mmmm… big, juicy heel blisters make walking fun and exciting! Going back to CitizenX's moleskin reference from the other day (was that the blank book or the cloth?), does moleskin work on blisters after the fact?

In downloaded television news…. there are only a few shows I watch (all done via BitTorrent) and I missed out on a month or two of a couple of them, so here are my current thoughts:

LOST – Friggin' awesome. The season finale (I assume it is okay to talk about it without warning of spoilers because everyone who cares will have seen it) was great and showed us the monster without showing us the monster. I peeked in on a LOST message board and have to agree with the speculation that it is composed of nanites. It just fits a little too well, with the smoke, the strength, and the decidedly non-animal, non-otherworldly, but mechanical sound effects. For all we know, the hatch goes down to a secret government research lab where they are being researched. What was the deal with those pirate-types? They were on a motorized small boat, meaning that either a larger boat must be nearby or it docks at a nearby piece of land (the island?) that can supply it with fuel. This little piece of continuity can be easily waived if the whole place existed as a dream, a purgatory, an afterlife, a shared hallucination, a virtual reality, or some other place not of this world.

Doctor Who 2005 – In my opinion, the pilot was a little weak, but the series definitely picked up. I was a bit hesitant about the new Doctor at first, but have grown to really like him and Rose. Like the other doctors, he exhibits some wonderful boyish glee at the littlest things. Unlike the other doctors, he has a bit of a brooding mean streak that sometimes pops out, which makes for some great character development. One of my favorite moments was when people were gathered in a space station to watch the end of the world (in which the sun expands to envelop the Earth) and they bring out some old Earth artifacts–one of which was an old 50's jukebox. “I am told that this was called an Eye Pod.”

24 – It started out great, got a little slow, then seems to have picked up again. I fail to see how The Nuclear Football is either nuclear or football-like. It seems to be an oversized leather briefcase with electronic lock filled with some binders. I have not yet caught up with all of the season. My opinion: meh…

Alias – To say this jumped the shark is an understatement. It did an Evil Kenevil flying motorcycle leap over a line of one hundred sharks. I do have to admit that I have not yet seen all of this season. The return of the Rambaldi plotline as well as the introduction of Joel Grey as …err…. an Evil Sloane Clone?… has certainly piqued my interest.

That is about it for television, I am afraid. I did manage to download, for better or for worse, the whole cartoon Dungeons and Dragons series from back in the 80's. I am not sure if I want to watch it, though, as I can imagine my fond memories of it might shatter if I watch it as an adult and realize how crappy it really might be.

And now, if you will excuse me, I must remove a sweaty cat from my head.

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