Grind-N-Brew Suggestions?

I have had a Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew (pictured) since the mid 90’s. It has served me well, but I fear that like my recently dead carpet steamer from that same era, it is on its last legs. Recently, I arrive to set it up to find it is “off” even though it is plugged in and … Continue reading Grind-N-Brew Suggestions?

Don’t forget the milk

Does anyone have experience with Remember The Milk? Does it work well for you? What do you like/dislike about it? How do you integrate it into your day-to-day life? I really like Evernote and its online/offline/desktop/web/iPhone integration. I really like my 3×5 cards, but find that certain tasks don’t work too well with them (e.g. … Continue reading Don’t forget the milk

Azureus replacement?

Nevermind. I found on my own that Transmission plus Clutch should do exactly what I need. I’ve been using Azureus as my bittorrent client of choice for years. It’s true that in the past year or so was bundled with some crazy, crappy, bloat-ware interface full of advertising and stuff. BUT! There was always an … Continue reading Azureus replacement?

Gmail & Firefox & the Mac keyboard?

Dear LazyWeb, Do any of you fine Mac folks know how to get the Command-Left-Arrow and Command-Right-Arrow keyboard shortcuts working when editing a message in Gmail? In every other application, and in fact in every other website under Firefox, they do the regular system “beginning of line” and “end of line” positioning. For some reason, … Continue reading Gmail & Firefox & the Mac keyboard?

Photos, Themes, & Cool Cats

Based on feedback, both online and off, I think I am going to go with a Flickr Pro account for my photo hosting. The Aperture integration is beautiful and the functionality is great. I’ll miss being able to pull up stats and the ability to mess with people who hot-link pictures from MySpace. I’m waiting … Continue reading Photos, Themes, & Cool Cats


Currently, I keep all of my photos in Aperture. I then use a plugin to sync from there to my own photo site, running the Gallery PHP application. I also use the Flickr export plugin to sync to Flickr. This setup is getting increasingly problematic. The Gallery installation and integration is starting to fall apart. … Continue reading Flickr?

Pictures, Invites, and Question

Pictures! This is my entry in the ColorWars reverse-caption contest: It was warm and sunny this afternoon. Everyone was enjoying it. It’s amazing what a little work and less than $20 worth of supplies from the hardware store can do to get you more organized. This is my “network closet” (you can’t really see the … Continue reading Pictures, Invites, and Question

Political Feature Matrix

The Oregon primary ballots are due soon. “Soon?” Yes, for those unfamiliar with our system up here, everything is done by mail or by drop-off. There’s no polling place and polling date, just a mail-in deadline. I think the government might think that the November weather might be too cold, wet, and dreary for people … Continue reading Political Feature Matrix