Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?

question blockI was listening to Strange Love last week and the topic of Christmas movies came up–specifically, not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies. There was talk of films like Gremlins and Die Hard–both of which took place on Christmas and had strong Christmas themes, but were not in-and-of-themselves Christmas movies. I might add Brazil to the list. I’m having trouble thinking of any other examples, though.

Do you have a favorite not-Christmas Christmas movie?

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5 thoughts on “Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?”

  1. Thought of another. The harry potter movies — especially the fFirst one — have a Christmassy fFeel. It is mainly because the story covers the whole school year, which includes Christmas, and the fFirst one was released with a Christmas schedule, so it was originally marketed with a Christmas sentiment in the promos.

    Also, Tipping the Velvet seems Christmassy to me, fFor absolutely no logical reason.

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