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Ever since returning from the Galactic Starcruiser last month where, when we weren’t stuck in the brig, Christine and I learned to play two variants of Sabacc, we’ve been playing a couple of times a week at home. More detail on that in future posts. I’ve laser-cut custom chips, put together a Pelican Sabacc carrying case reminiscent of the goodie-box we got in our suite, designed a play mat, and put together some cheat-sheets of the rule variants. Not to mention the laser-cut coasters in 2020 and custom cardboard coasters last year.

While playing Sabacc, we usually put on a playlist: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Oga’s Cantina: R2X’s Playlist #1. (That’s a Songwhip link, which will, in turn, link to your favorite music service.) We kind of miss the interstitials of DJ R3X (the former Star Tours pilot) announcing songs.

Coincidently, an Etsy seller I’ve been following, Hyperspace Props, put up a new blog post: Creating the Perfect Ambiance for Playing Sabacc: Tips and Ideas. That links to an MP3 that sounds like someone set up a recorder in the bar for an hour. You get Rex announcing, but you also get crowd noise. In fact, the crowd noise kind of muddies the music — fairly significantly in places. I ended up using Fission to chop out the R3X bits and normalize the volume. I combined those clips with the album version of the songs.

As best as I can tell this MP3 is a full set-list from R3X powering up after the hyperdrive gets restarted, all the way to the next time the hyperdrive gives out. I’ve been to the cantina maybe a dozen times, and I know the songs from both there and the album, but never really paid attention to the order played at the bar. All I knew is that it’s definitely not album order. Weirdly, in this recording, two songs are repeated and one is omitted completely. I don’t know if that’s always the case, or if the set-list is randomized in some way between loops.

The full hour-long cantina MP3 contains the following segments. The numbers are the track numbers from the album. The ones marked “a” are the interstitials announcing the following song.

Live Cantina Playlist

  • 8a
  • 8 — Bai Tee Tee [feat. Gubz], Junee Veech
  • 5 — Oola Shuka, Gaya
  • 9a
  • 9 — Modal Notes, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes
  • 10a
  • 10 — Una Duey Dee, Kra Mer 5
  • 3 — Bright Suns, Mus Kat & Nalpak
  • 11a
  • 11 — Goola Bukee [feat. YS-5755], Zano
  • 12a
  • 12 — Droid World, Sentient 7 and the Clankers
  • 11a2
  • 11 (AGAIN) — Goola Bukee [feat. YS-5755], Zano
  • 6 — Beep Boop Bop, Duro Droids
  • 13a
  • 13 — Utinni, The Dusty Jawas
  • 3 (AGAIN) — Bright Suns, Mus Kat & Nalpak
  • 14a
  • 14 — Batuu Boogie [feat. MW-59], Chaka Mater Laka
  • 7 — Aloogahoo, Vee Gooda & Ryco
    • Brian’s note: This song was absent from the original playlist. I decided this was a good spot to add it.
  • 18 — Yocola Ateema, Fytee & The Sleemos
  • 15a
  • 15 — Moulee-rah [feat. RB Snootles], Fytee
  • 4 — Nama Heh, Laki Lembeng
  • 16a
  • 16 — Doshka, Mus Kat & Nalpak
  • 1 — Mad About Mad About Me [feat. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes], r3x
  • 17a
  • 17 — Huttuk Cheeka, Elem Zadowz
  • 2 — Turbulence, Mus Kat & Nalpak
  • end (powering down)

The actual songs you’ll have to obtain yourself (use the album link above), but I’m sharing just the chopped-out interstitials (the items marked “a” and “end” in the above list) in cantina_interstitials.zip. Using the MP3 album files plus these interstitial files, you should be able to put together your own playlist, with the interstitials and higher quality music.

May you be dealt many sylops!

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