The hidden cost of the Kindle: computing glasses

So it turns out that there is a hidden cost to the Amazon Kindle. I have been reading quite a lot more in the past few months. A typical weekday routine might have been staring at computer screens all day at work, coming home, doing a few chores, helping out with dinner, then watching a television show or two, perhaps a movie, before bed. Recently, this has changed a bit: the television is often swapped for reading. The difference? Distance focus versus close-up focus.

I have always had pretty decent eyesight, but have noticed a bit more fatigue and some annoying floaters in recent weeks. An optometrist appointment later, I find that my vision is a bit off (not much, just half a tick farsighted) and that the floaters are nothing major, but I am probably a touch more aware of them because of the fatigue. The recommendation is that I would need computing glasses, as things will only get gradually worse from here. Computing glasses. I guess they are not called reading glasses anymore.

I put off picking glasses until Monday. I’ve lived this long without them, so can survive a few more days, especially given the tiny amount the vision is off. After all, Kim, being the fashion designer, can do a much better job of picking out frames than I.

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