Exploring Scribblenauts -or- adventures in scribblespace

I picked up Scribblenauts the other night. In case you have been living under a rock, this is the game in which each level you are given a goal (retrieve the star, stop the ants, open the door, get past the tornado, avoid the bee and piranha, etc.) and you are given free rein to create whatever you want — as long as you can name it and it is not a proper noun, lewd or copywritten. You need a rope? Write “rope.” You want a jetpack? Kitten? Velociraptor? Teleporter? Time machine? An anvil? A witch? God? A motorcycle? God on a motorcycle? Oh, and be careful with that teleporter — if you also create a fly, bad things might happen. Of course, the things you create can interact. If you create a cat and mouse, one will eat the other. The velociraptor or witch will try to attack you.

So it is a very free-form game with an extremely large dictionary. Part of the fun is trying to come up with things it doesn’t understand. Because of its free-form nature, there are many ways to finish each level. In fact, in one mode, you have to finish each level three times in three different ways without creating the same objects. The whole concept is very creative, encourages playful inventiveness, and is a fun relaxing game to settle into.

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    1. I have been using rope, blimp, and jetpack quite frequently. I try to mix it up with alternatives for rope, like wire, but they are never quite as long as the rope. Also, I tend to use lighter or match to obtain fire.

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