Ketchup Post

I have been doing some housecleaning on the laptop and came up with some photos and videos that were not previously posted.

The Chronulator

The Chronulator is a great little clock kit. It’s a digital analog clock–using digital technology to display the time on analog meters. Apparently the guy who makes the kits is here in Portland. He swung by early new year’s eve as we were getting prepped to go out and delivered the package in person. If it were some other night, I would have chatted with him a bit more.

Cartoon Box Trap

You know, in cartoons, how they have a box propped up with a stick with a string attached? I started doing the same in the kitchen with a cardboard box and pencil. As I was setting it up, on cat triggered it on the other.


I got a “shepherd’s crook” thing for the bird feeder because the squirrels were smart enough to dangle upside from the eves, where the bird feeder was previously. Well, it seems that they are smart enough to just climb up the pole. Duh.

Laugh out Loud

I’ve been following The Laugh Out Loud Cats for a while now and ordered a signed copy of his book. Adam, having never seen Ebenezer, nonetheless drew a pretty good likeness. 🙂 He rarely smokes a cigar, but often carries around a piece of rubber weatherstrip tubing in his mouth.


I know the latter picture is from a recent trip to Pasadena. I have no idea where the first picture comes from. I remember the bar having tables with that imitation-chalkboard-paint applied to them, and there were multicolored sticks of chalk. It had to have been in Portland, but I have no idea where.

To Move

To move, first u up, then u down. This was in the bathroom at an asian-themed bar-slash-restaurant (not restaurant-slash-bar) near the old place. The Jade Lounge, I think it was called.

Next, I need to make a ketchup post on the California trip last month.

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2 thoughts on “Ketchup Post”

  1. My mom and her husband have faced an unending battle with the squirrels that hang out around her house….

    1) dangle the feeder off a really long poll sticking straight off the roof – ha!.

    2) poke the pole through one of those heavy foil serving platters (a fairly big one, it would hold dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies) so the squirrels can’t get around it – ha!

    3) grease the pole so the slip off – ha!

    4) cover the contraption they took a lid to one of those big rubbermaid bins and made a sort of roof to stop them from coming from above as well as from behind – ha!

    5) get one of the feeders that spin when the weight of the squirrel gets on it – BINGO!

    Of course it took a few times before the squirrels realized that when they land on the feeder it spins them around and around and around until they fall the 1.5 stories down to the ground. Now they just wait underneath for the birds to drop food down to them.

    Laziness always wins in the end.

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