The Lost String

A curious package arrived yesterday while I was out. I did not hear about it until later in the afternoon, and by that time the house was beginning to get overrun with bellydancers, so the photoset had to wait until today. It was sent from 1920 Olympic Way in San Francisco–a fictional address, but one that ties in with the Olympic theme of the contents. Contents included:

3 postcards. Front side: black and white photos with the copyright(?) text “Courtesy of IOC/Olympic Museum Collections”. Reverse sides: “March 3, 2008 Find her…” “March 4, 2008?? Find the others… March 5, 2008?? Find him… March 11, 2008?? Find the secret…” “August 24, 2008 Save the world(The Others? Him? A Secret? We’re not talking about LOST, are we? Save the cheerleader? Save the world? Heroes?)

1 poster. Front side: A 1920’s Olympic poster print. Reverse: It’s a secret someone has been keeping for a very long time.

1 ball of string. (Am I reading this right? Could it be The Lo String?)

Contents of yarn ball: 1 fortune-cookie-like mysterious note. “You will soon walk a path with many twists and turns.” “You will soon discover an alternate reality. The adventure begins when you meet Ariadne. are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. You will soon be eaten by a Grue. And again with the Lo String)

It looks like many others have received similar boxes and there there is already a lengthy thread (ha!) started for this at Unfiction:

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