Son of RatRacer: Mouse Car

After the initial failure described in yesterday’s blog post about the RatRacer, I thought I would scale down the problem a bit. I figured it would be easier to iterate through design tweaks when big parts took 20 minutes to print versus 120 minutes per part. If I ended up with a sound design for … Continue reading Son of RatRacer: Mouse Car

On designing and building the Rat Racer

As you might have guessed from the previous post about attic rats, I had a few leftover rat traps. And what does one do with leftover traps? I supposed you could do something cool with ping pong balls, but I did not have nearly enough traps or ping pong balls. I have a vague childhood … Continue reading On designing and building the Rat Racer

My mysterious house

My house was built in, depending on whom you ask, 1908 (Portland Maps) or 1924 (my insurance company). Like many old houses, it has its own quirks, oddities, and secrets. It has organically grown over the years. I believe it has just about doubled in size since it was first built.  We have been here for … Continue reading My mysterious house

Ketchup Post

I have been doing some housecleaning on the laptop and came up with some photos and videos that were not previously posted. The Chronulator The Chronulator is a great little clock kit. It’s a digital analog clock–using digital technology to display the time on analog meters. Apparently the guy who makes the kits is here … Continue reading Ketchup Post