My current WordPress plugins

Because I have a friend who is kick­ing off a new WordPress-powered blog (Hi, Substitute!), I thought I’d list the plu­g­ins I use here at  I have a whop­ping 32 of them, but many are sim­ple single-purpose things that are likely not of gen­eral inter­est.  My plu­g­ins can be be bro­ken down into a few cat­e­gories: Administrative After The Deadline — A spelling … Continue read­ing My cur­rent WordPress plu­g­ins

XML in Google’s Chrome

The sup­port for view­ing XML returned from a server from within Chrome leaves a lit­tle to be desired.  Both Firefox and Internet Explorer (and I hate to admit it, but my mem­ory tells me that IE was the first to mar­ket with this fea­ture) show XML in an easy-to-deal-with way.  They for­mat it with indent­ing, allow you to … Continue read­ing XML in Google’s Chrome

Forcing a fixed-in version with the Mantis bug tracker

At the office, we use Mantis, a pow­er­ful PHP-based bug track­ing sys­tem. It offers some great con­trol over process and work­flow, but not quite the gran­u­lar­ity that I need. Specifically, I work in an envi­ron­ment where it is vital that the “fixed-in” ver­sion is filled in when resolv­ing an issue as “fixed.” Without this, there is no easy … Continue read­ing Forcing a fixed-in ver­sion with the Mantis bug tracker

The psychology of WordPress upgrades & plugins

WordCamp Portland was last month. Although WordPress 2.8 has made upgrad­ing one-click easy, there was a lot of shared sen­ti­ment about upgrades and plu­g­ins. These beliefs boil down into two groups and are sum­ma­rized with the fol­low­ing state­ments: “I don’t run WordPress with any plu­g­ins what­so­ever because an upgrade to the core of WordPress could break … Continue read­ing The psy­chol­ogy of WordPress upgrades & plu­g­ins

Bookmark Material

I started to write a com­ment to the post Fear of (book­mark) com­mit­ment? Try I Need to Read This over on Silicon Florist, but what I found myself writ­ing started get­ting longer and longer and I real­ized I might be bet­ter off shar­ing as a fully hyper­linked blog post. Rick talks about tem­porar­ily book­mark­ing arti­cles for return­ing to later. You prob­a­bly … Continue read­ing Bookmark Material

Google Chrome

Google’s new Chrome web browser looks quite promis­ing. I set up a vir­tual machine run­ning XP today to test it out. It turns out that it will not run on Win2K (my cur­rent vir­tual machine) and the XP install is from some expired MSDN disc or some­thing and does not have a func­tional Genuine Windows DisadvantageTM, so will … Continue read­ing Google Chrome

My Firefox Plugins

This is mainly for my own ref­er­ence, although I fig­ured the list could be ben­e­fi­cial to oth­ers. These are the plu­g­ins and Greasemonkey scripts I am using under Firefox. They’re also doc­u­mented (and updated) at Adblock Plus @ Ever been annoyed by all those ads and ban­ners on the inter­net that often take longer to … Continue read­ing My Firefox Plugins

First Post!

Welcome to the inau­gural post with the new blog setup! I have been mean­ing to redo for about a year now. Because of stuff I made avail­able there a long, long time ago and never got rid of (namely: BO and BO2K plu­g­ins), every web fil­ter declares it to be a mean, bad, nasty, evil hacker site. It … Continue read­ing First Post!

Firefox 2, Electric Boogaloo

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were auto­mat­i­cally imported from LiveJournal.  To see the com­ments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source post­ing at, so I am slowly try­ing to migrate myself to Firefox 2.0 on the Mac. I have been using it at work and fig­ured … Continue read­ing Firefox 2, Electric Boogaloo