First Post!

Welcome to the inaugural post with the new blog setup!

I have been meaning to redo for about a year now. Because of stuff I made available there a long, long time ago and never got rid of (namely: BO and BO2K plugins), every web filter declares it to be a mean, bad, nasty, evil hacker site. It even almost failed me from getting a job about 5 years ago because the HR department got scared. The current plan is to slowly migrate content from netninja.COM over to netninja.ORG. The good stuff moves. The “naughty” stuff does not. Eventually, the netninja.COM content is dumped and completely replaced with the .ORG, so that both sites mirror the exact same content.

For a long time, I was hesitant to choose any given framework for building the new site. I wanted to build it by hand because it gave me the most flexibility (and that is, basically, how I do most of my sites — using PHP templates to, effectively, present static content.) On the other hand, there are a number of blog and content management solutions that automatically take care of everything, none of which I really liked, until I looked at WordPress again. The latest version seems flexible enough, with powerful plugins, and a good caching plugin (for slashdotting/digging), and I think I can live with it.

As part of this migration, I am writing my blog posts over at netninja (using methods that I blatantly stole from Rich.) Don’t worry. Everything I post at netninja is automatically mirrored at LJ, and I still use LJ to read friends’ blogs so that I don’t miss out on any protected posts. I’m not one of those people who posts a lot of “private” stuff, but in the rare event I do need to (e.g. a new phone number, new mailing address, party invite, Wii friend code, etc.) I’ll just skip right over to LJ and post it with the proper friend permissions.

6 thoughts on “First Post!”

  1. You know, I did see that post and plan on investigating in a few days. Even though the blog has been semi-set-up for about a week (and has had a number of spam attempts), Google had not yet found it as of this morning. I expect it to be even more fun when and become the same entity with the same content. 🙂

  2. Nifty how you’ve got it set up the other way. I have my LJ as my main blog, with a custom style that exports/views entries and lists by XML, so I can import it all into my personal site at That way, I can also save copies of the blog entries as a backup, per se, whenever it’s viewed over there. So that’s cool that you’ve got it working the other way, with automatic posting to LJ whenever you make a new one here. props 🙂

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