LJProxy: From friend-locked LiveJournal posts to Google Reader

I have been on Live­Jour­nal since 2001.  I have had a Per­ma­nent Account since 2005.  Many of my friends have used it for sim­i­lar amounts of time.  In the past few years, I have migrated my post­ing and read­ing off of Live­Jour­nal.  I do most of my blog read­ing through Google Reader, but still have … Continue reading LJProxy: From friend-locked LiveJournal posts to Google Reader

Goodbye, my LiveJournal friends, for-EVAR!

Yes, this post’s title invokes and evokes rule 1 of the Blogdonts that substitute posted years ago: 1. [Do not] announce your departure or hiatus to the world. “Goodbye my Internet Friends Forever” is always a mistake. If you want to leave or go on a break, just do so. When you announce it, people … Continue reading Goodbye, my LiveJournal friends, for-EVAR!

Tagging the 2001 archives

I have had a blog for a while — since 2001, to be exact. It was not always WordPress, but started out hosted on LiveJournal. In April of 2007, I migrated the posts (but not the comments, unfortunately) to the new system. The migration went as best as could be expected, but I later learned … Continue reading Tagging the 2001 archives

Migrating from LiveJournal to WordPress

As many people no doubt are aware: LiveJournal laid off over half their staff. 20 out of 28 people were let go. Consequently, I have read a lot of people’s LJ blog entries that are hysterical freakouts. I’m not sure it’s time for people to freak out yet, but it probably is time to think … Continue reading Migrating from LiveJournal to WordPress

LJ Cleaner Greasemonkey Script

If anyone is interested, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that removes Delicious and Twitter cross-posts from your LJ friends page. It does not completely remove them, but collapses them into a single placeholder line. You are then able to click through to the post and see the content. In that way, it’s like an enforced … Continue reading LJ Cleaner Greasemonkey Script

Another LiveJournal Account Change

So this whole OpenID-through-LiveJournal thing isn’t working out. To their credit LiveJournal has done a lot to support OpenID, but they’re not doing enough. Their OpenID support is still half-baked. I thought I would show my support by being an early adopter and bearing with it, but that has not worked. (Skip to the next … Continue reading Another LiveJournal Account Change

In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up

LiveJournal really confuses me sometimes. I read and comment on people’s journals using my netninja.com OpenID account. My actual blog gets syndicated there by the brianenigma_rss pseudo-account. It seems that LiveJournal, even though it is acting like an RSS reader, allows people to comment on its local copies of RSS articles. This morning, Kim pointed … Continue reading In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up

LJ Comments

Dear LiveJournal peeps, There are many of you (I’ve specifically run into this with sakkaranoush and torgo_x) who have journals that don’t allow OpenID people to leave comments. You’ve friended me and so I can see protected entries, but I’m unable to write a comment. Looking through the FAQ, I see this info: Currently on … Continue reading LJ Comments

LiveJournal and OpenID

Well, I think I’m taking a huge step that I’ve been contemplating for a long time and finally decided to jump into. Those of you on LiveJournal might notice a new friend request later this weekend. That request will not be from a regular user, but one with a weird little orange “I” next to … Continue reading LiveJournal and OpenID

Micro Blogs?

Dear Internet, I am not certain that I understand why people have both a blog (e.g. LiveJournal) and a microblog (e.g. Tumblr). Why not just make small posts in your regular blog? Sincerely, Brian P.S. For the purposes of this post, I am considering Twitter to be less of a microblog and more of a … Continue reading Micro Blogs?