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The other day, I picked up a magazine from the ‘zine section of Powell’s called Steampunk Magazine. This is so my magazine. It has some great fiction. It has an interview with the Crabfu guy (if you have not heard of him, he makes steam-powered remote controlled contraptions.) It has an article on modifying a regular bike into a “Pennyfakething,” which is sort of like a modern punk Pennyfarthing made by welding together pieces of regular bicycles (like the tallbikes guys.) It has an article on the history of coal and another on the history of the term “steampunk.” It even touches lightly on neovictorian steampunk fashion.

Not only is all of the above cool, but the magazine is produced locally in Portland, is licensed under the Creative Commons noncommercial license (so you can copy it for your friends), is made from 100% recycled paper, and is available for free as a PDF from their website.

It also brought my attention to Brass Goggles, a blog that is basically BoingBoing (or Slashdot or whatever) for steampunks.

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3 thoughts on “Steampunk Magazine”

  1. Yay for Brass Goggles! Did you join up yet?

    That Pennyfakething is liquefied awesome. I want one. I need to pick me up a copy of that mag…

  2. I haven’t joined up with Brass Goggles (I wasn’t aware there was a joining thing-maybe I need to go back and double-check), but I added them to my RSS reader so that I get the latest news as it comes out. And that Pennyfakething really *is* liquefied awesome. Part of me really wants to find a way to buy one or pay one of the local tallbikes guys to make one for me. And part of me thinks that’s a cop-out and that I really need to learn welding because it’s not as cool if it’s not DIY.

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