Unconscious sexism in the workplace

At work, we have a whiteboard in the kitchen. Previously, it was used for kitchen requests. Are we running low on something? Write it on the whiteboard. More recently, those sorts of requests seem to be automatically taken care of by little cobblers’ elves that inventory the kitchen stocks and automatically order supplies. The whiteboard, … Continue reading Unconscious sexism in the workplace

Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

I recently agreed to a new rule in the house: with a few exceptions, such as smartphone-as-alarm-clock, no gadgets in the bedroom. I’ve always thought that the bedroom should be for sleeping, plus one other thing, but have slowly been slipping — so gradually that I didn’t notice. Twitter, texting, and generally interacting remotely with … Continue reading Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

Destroy the whore-crux!

One of those things that was never really a blip on my radar is the “Mr. and Mrs. {guy’s first name} {guy’s last name}” nomenclature. Kim keeping her name/business-name made me acutely aware of it. I do not know if it is traditionalism and/or implied sexism/girl-as-property-of-guy, but it is still a (fairly new) pet peeve … Continue reading Destroy the whore-crux!