The Crazy Neighbor

A couple of months ago, @geekygirldawn started up a website called The Crazy Neighbor. I guess she has a few crazy neighbors. The format of the site is like many others out there — I Can Has Cheezburger, Picture Is Unrelated, GraphJam, and so on. Users submit photos and those pictures get posted. While I … Continue reading The Crazy Neighbor

Destroy the whore-crux!

One of those things that was never really a blip on my radar is the “Mr. and Mrs. {guy’s first name} {guy’s last name}” nomenclature. Kim keeping her name/business-name made me acutely aware of it. I do not know if it is traditionalism and/or implied sexism/girl-as-property-of-guy, but it is still a (fairly new) pet peeve … Continue reading Destroy the whore-crux!

Always blindly follow chemistry instructions from the internet!

I have heard stories of the crazy neighbor that Connolly had when he lived in the apartment complex near Ladd’s, before buying a house. It now seems that the very same crazy neighbor was attempting to cook up, in the kitchen of the apartment, a hydrogen fuel cell using a modified pressure cooker filled with … Continue reading Always blindly follow chemistry instructions from the internet!